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The third Gaia Science Alerts workshop was held in Bologna on 6-7 September 2012.

The topics this year include:

  • Status of Gaia
  • Follow-up strategies
  • Machine learning approaches to the classification of transients
  • Current/planned multi-wavelength transient surveys
  • Reports from tests on transient follow-up
  • Presentation of new partners
  • Building training sets
  • Supernovae, Microlensing, Novae, GRBs, TDEs, CVs
  • Verification phase

We invite all researchers and observers interested in getting ready for and taking part in the exciting era of Gaia transients observations.

Workshop Organizing Committee

  • Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  • Gisella Clementini
  • Simon Hodgkin
  • Massimo Turatto
  • Gerry Gilmore
  • Caroline Soubiran


  • Giuseppe Altavilla
  • Sandra Caddeo
  • Valentina Zitelli
  • Diego Zuccato

Workshop photo

Workshop photo