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To all speakers: please send your slides prior to your presentation to Lukasz Wyrzykowski. Accepted formats: PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint, OpenOffice

Abstract book and agenda [pdf]

name title time (with discussion)
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
10:00 registration desk open
12:30 lunch 1:30
14:00 Welcome 0:10
14:10 David Bersier ASAS-SN: The All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae pdf rec 0:20
14:30 David Reiss LSST Transient Alert Production Pipeline pdf rec 0:20
14:50 Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska OGLE-IV Transient Survey pdf 0:20
15:10 Krzysztof Ulaczyk The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer pdf rec 0:15
15:25 coffee break 0:35
16:00 Fraser Lewis Education and Outreach Opportunities from Gaia Transients pdf rec 0:20
16:20 Sophie Bartlett Getting to know Gaia - Applying a current, real-world context to the school science curriculum pdf rec 0:20
16:40 Anna Hourihane Gaia Science Alerts for outreach: publication and follow-up pdf rec 0:20
17:00 Lorraine Hanlon Watcher robotic telescope and Gaia archive pdf 0:20
17:20 Tim Staley Beyond ATEL's - How to hook in to the VOEvent network pdf rec 0:20
17:40 end of day 1
Wednesday, 11 November 2015
09:30 Simon Hodgkin Gaia Science Alerts pdf rec 0:30
10:00 Lukasz Wyrzykowski First year of the Gaia Alerts pdf rec 0:30
10:30 Heather Campbell First science from Gaia pdf rec 0:30
11:00 coffee break 0:45
11:45 Laurent Eyer Variable stars in Gaia pdf rec 0:25
12:10 Nic Walton Gaia Science Alerts in the Main Gaia Data Releases pdf 0:20
12:30 Nadejda Blagorodnova Nuclear transient detection with Gaia pdf rec 0:30
13:00 WORKSHOP PHOTO steps to the Cathedral
13:10 lunch break 1:30
14:30 Grant Kennedy Transits of exploding asteroids and fragmented comets pdf rec 0:20
14:50 Chris Copperwheat Gaia transients with the Liverpool Telescope and Liverpool Telescope 2 pdf rec 0:20
15:10 Rob Barnsley IO:I - a new infrared imager for the Liverpool Telescope pdf rec 0:15
15:25 coffee break 0:35
16:00 Andrzej Piascik Spectrographic Classification of Transients with the Liverpool Telescope pdf rec 0:20
16:20 Helen Jermak LOTUS: a low-cost UV spectrograph on the Liverpool Telescope pdf rec 0:15
16:35 Massimo Turatto SOXS, the next generation instrument for ESO NTT pdf rec 0:15
16:50 Alceste Bonanos Observing facilities at the National Observatory of Athens pdf rec 0:20
17:10 Goran Damljanovic Gaia-FUN-TO and the observations of Gaia Alerts objects using Serbian-Bulgarian mini-network telescopes pdf rec 0:20
17:30 Kris Rybicki Loiano and Ostrowik Observatories pdf rec 0:15
17:45 Ulrich Kolb PIRATE going forward pdf 0:15
18:00 discussion pdf rec 0:30
18:30 end of day 2
Thursday, 12 November 2015
09:30 Peter Jonker TDEs with Gaia pdf rec 0:25
09:55 Sjoert van Velzen Optical observations of stellar tidal disruption flares pdf rec 0:25
10:20 Thomas Wevers Fast transients from Gaia pdf rec 0:20
10:40 Susanna Vergani Catching GRB orphan afterglows from Gaia triggers pdf rec 0:20
11:00 coffee break 0:45
11:45 Seppo Mattila Nuclear supernovae with Gaia pdf rec 0:25
12:10 Morgan Fraser Freaks and weirdos - A taxonomy of rare, peculiar and puzzling supernovae pdf rec 0:25
12:35 Massimo Della Valle Novae in the Gaia Era pdf rec 0:25
13:00 lunch break 1:30
14:30 Elme Breedt Accreting compact object binaries from Gaia and other transient surveys pdf 0:20
14:50 Kris Rybicki Astrometric microlensing from Gaia and OGLE pdf rec 0:20
15:10 Gerry Gilmore OPTICON pdf rec 0:15
15:25 coffee break 0:35
16:00 Josep Manel Carrasco The Montsec Observatory and the Gaia science alerts pdf rec 0:20
16:20 Orhan Erece Observations, Contributions and A New Follow-Up Software at TUG pdf rec 0:15
16:35 Vira Godunova Monitoring of transient phenomena at the Terskol Observatory pdf rec 0:15
16:50 Viktor Votruba Danish 1.54m telescope na La Silla and Czech participation pdf rec 0:20
17:10 Klaas Wiersema Observing transients with the University of Leicester observatory pdf rec 0:15
17:25 Magda Butkiewicz-Bąk Global Astrophysical Telescope System - a new tool for photometry and spectroscopy pdf rec 0:15
17:40 discussion pdf rec 0:30
18:10 end of day 3
Friday, 13 November 2015
09:30 Arancha Delgado Introduction to the new Gaia Alerts Interface pdf 0:30
10:00 Morgan Fraser Running a successful spectroscopic programme - lessons from PESSTO 0:30
10:30 Lukasz Wyrzykowski How to do the photometric follow-up? pdf rec 0:30
11:00 coffee break 0:45
11:45 Lukasz Wyrzykowski Introduction to the Calibration Server and other tools pdf rec 0:30
12:15 Heather Campbell Photometric classification of transients rec 0:30
12:45 lunch and end of the meeting

NOTE: agenda might still change slightly