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The Agenda now serves as an archive of all presentations. The slides are available in the PDF form and the video/audio recording of the presentation will soon be linked here as well.

title name time (with discussion)
Wednesday, June 19th
14:00 Welcome MD+LW+STH 10
14:10 Gaia status pdf Timo Prusti 30
14:40 AlertPipe Status pdf Simon Hodgkin 30
15:10 Detection and classification in the AlertPipe pdf Lukasz Wyrzykowski 30
15:40 Automated Classification of Supernovae from Gaia Alerts pdf Nicholas Walton 20
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Spectroscopic science alerts: criteria and implementation pdf Paola Di Matteo 15
16:45 Gaia RVS spectra as follow-up to Photo Science Alerts pdf George Seabroke 15
17:00 Solar System alerts pdf Paolo Tanga 20
17:20 New Measures for Different Transients pdf Ashish Mahabal 30
17:50 Detection rate for variable stars pdf Stephen Ridgway 20
18:10 end of day1
Thursday, June 20th
09:30 Upcoming Microlensing by Proxima Centauri: A Rare Opportunity for Mass Determination and Planet Detection pdf Kailash Sahu 25
09:55 Directed Follow-Up strategy - using Gaia Science Alerts to detect transiting Exoplanets pdf Shay Zucker 25
10:20 Optical searches for stellar tidal disruption flares pdf Sjoert van Velzen 25
10:45 Coffee break 30
11:15 Connecting LOFAR radio, X-ray and optical GAIA transients pdf Peter Jonker 25
11:40 GAIA alerts on AGN flares: which synergy with observations at Very High Energies ? pdf Helene Sol 25
12:05 A large, deep, and homogeneous sample of cataclysmic variables from GAIA pdf Elme Breedt 25
12:30 Discovery optical transients on MASTER robotic telescope network pdf Evgeny Gorbovskoy 15
12:45 The Fly's Eye camera system pdf Krisztian Vida 15
13:00 Lunch
14:00 OPTICON, the Plans for FP7: 2013-2016 pdf John Davies 25
14:25 PESSTO: The Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects pdf Mark Sullivan 15
14:40 Science with PIRATE pdf Ulrich Kolb 15
14:55 The pt5m robotic telescope on La Palma pdf Stuart Littlefair 15
15:10 The use of Danish 154 Telescope and DFOSC photometer to follow up the objects from Gaia Alerts project pdf Pavel Koubsky 15
15:25 Coffee break
16:00 Alerts Verification and discussion pdf Simon Hodgkin 60
17:00 Transient astronomy with the observing facilities of the Vienna Observatory pdf Werner Zeilinger 15
17:15 Observations of PHA 99942 Apophis at RTT150 in frame of Gaia-FUN-SSO pdf Irek Khamitov 15
17:30 Konkoly Observatory - Observing Facilities and Photometric Projects pdf Laszlo Szabados 15
17:45 The photometric observations of Gaia alerts with 60cm ASV telescope pdf Goran Damljanovic 15
18:00 Wroclaw Observatory pdf Zbigniew Kołaczkowski 15
18:15 end of day2
19:30 Workshop Dinner, Restaurant "Le Moulin Vert", 33 rue du Moulin Vert
Friday, June 21th
09:00 Time Domain Astronomy with the Liverpool Telescope pdf Chris Davis 15
09:15 Observing with the Faulkes Telescopes pdf Fraser Lewis 15
09:30 South African Astronomy and Observatories pdf Stephen Potter 15
09:45 The Asiago facilities pdf Massimo Turatto 15
10:00 The C2PU (Centre Pedagogy Planet Univers) at OCA (Observatoire de la Côte d Azur) in the framework of GAIA-FUN pdf Phillipe Bendjoya 15
10:15 EduCosmos: Participative science for high school students with 1m telescopes pdf Olga Suarez 15
10:30 Involvement of amateur astronomers poster pdf Discussion 25
10:55 Coffee break
11:30 Discussion and summary
13:00 end of day3

Abstract Book is available here.