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Please expand this section with your favourite types of possible alerts. The most useful information would be the number statistics, amplitude and timescale, example light curve, spectrum and the reasoning for an rapid alert.

Possible triggers for Science Alerts

Table of transients

This table is based on Rau et al. 2009 on Palomar Transient Factory (PTF). MR is an absolute magnitude in R, tau is time of a decline by 2 mag. Note, these are not all the types of transites Gaia will detect.

Class MR tau Universal rate Gaia rate
Dwarf Novae 9..4 3..20 <math>3\times10^{-5} \textrm{pc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Classical Novae -5..-10 2..100 <math>2\times10^{-10} \textrm{yr}^{-1}\textrm{L}_{\odot,K}^{-1}</math>
Luminous Red Novae -10..-14 20..60 <math>1.5\times10^{-13} \textrm{yr}^{-1}\textrm{L}_{\odot,K}^{-1}</math>
Fallback SNe -4..-21 0.5..2 <math>10^{-13} \textrm{yr}^{-1}\textrm{L}_{\odot,K}^{-1}</math>
Macronovae -13..-15 0.3..3 <math>10^{-4..-8} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
SN .Ia -15..-17 2..5 <math>(4..10)\times 10^{-6} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
SNe Ia -17..-19.5 30..70 <math>3\times 10^{-5} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Tidal disruption flares -15..-19 30..350 <math>10^{-6} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Core-collapse SNe -14..-21 20..300 <math>5\times 10^{-5} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Luminous SNe -19..-23 50..400 <math>10^{-7} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Orphan afterglows (SGRB) -14..-18 5..15 <math>3\times 10^{-7..-9} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
Orphan afterglows (LGRB) -22..-26 2..15 <math>3\times 10^{-7..-9} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>
On-axis LGRB afterglows ..-37 1..15 <math>4\times 10^{-10} \textrm{Mpc}^{-3} \textrm{yr}^{-1}</math>

CMD of selected variables and transients

CMD paths of various types of variable stars, including Be stars, R CrB and V4334 Sgr. From Spano et al. 2009


Time scales and amplitudes

Absolute magnitude vs timescale of novae, supernovae and some of new transients. From Kulkarni (2009).

Plot transients tau ampl.png Plot transients trise ampl.png Plot transients tdecline ampl.png Plot transients trise tdecline.png