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The programme will be composed of invited and contributed talks and will be prepared after the registration is closed.

Agenda as PDF (subject to changes)

Detailed programme

name title time (with discussion)
Monday 8.10.2018
09:30 bus to Vipava registration and coffee
11:00 Welcome by the organizers 15
11:15 Simon Hodgkin Gaia Photometric Science Alerts: Status 45
12:00 Laurent Eyer Gaia Variables and plans for DR3 30
12:30 lunch 90
14:00 Ashish Mahabal ZTF and Gaia synergy for classification of sources 45
14:45 Michał Pawlak The ASAS-SN survey 30
15:15 Steve Boudreault PLATO Science Flux Alerts 20
15:35 coffee break 35
16:10 Anna Marciniak Asteroid studies supported by Gaia 30
16:40 Lukasz Wyrzykowski OPTICON network for time-domain astronomy 25
17:05 Pawel Zielinski Cambridge Photometric Calibration Server 2.0 30
17:35 Simon Hodgkin Gaia Marshall 25
18:00 end of day 1
18:30 bus transfer from Lanthieri mansion to wine-tasting
19:00 wine tasting
cca 21:30 bus transfer back to Ajdovščina
Tuesday 9.10.2018
9:00 bus transfer from Gold Club Hotel in Ajdovščina to Lanthieri mansion
09:30 Gabor Marton, Peter Abraham Young Stellar Objects in Gaia and improvements of the detection algorithms 30
10:00 Lukasz Wyrzykowski Black holes with microlensing 30
10:30 Katarzyna Kruszynska Photometric Gravitational Microlensing observed by Gaia 30
11:00 coffee break 30
11:30 Krzysztof Rybicki Astrometric microlensing with Gaia 20
11:50 Zofia Kaczmarek Lensing by intermediate-mass black holes in Gaia 15
12:05 Algita Stankevičiūtė Astrometry with VLTI and GRAVITY 15
12:20 lunch break 100
14:00 Tanja Petrushevska Lensed supernovae: the past and the future 20
14:20 Areg Mickaelian Gaia DR2 and statistical analysis of the Catalogue of White Dwarfs 20
14:40 Valeria Grisoni Chemical evolution models for the Milky Way thick and thin discs in the Gaia Era 15
14:55 Mihael Petac The importance of Gaia mission for Dark Matter searches 15
15:10 coffee break 30
15:40 Andreja Gomboc Energetic extragalactic transients 20
16:00 Katja Bricman TDEs with LSST 15
16:15 Mariusz Gromadzki Highlights from Warsaw hunt for TDEs 20
16:35 Nada Ihanec Gaia and OGLE TDE search 20
16:55 Fraser Lewis Using Gaia Alerts and the Faulkes Telescope to Bridge Between Education and Research 15
17:10 Meredith Morrell The Open University Contribution to Gaia Alerts Photometric Follow Up 15
17:25 end of day 2
18:30 bus transfer to workshop dinner
cca. 21:30 bus transfer back to Ajdovščina
Wednesday 10.10.2018
9:00 bus transfer from Gold Club Hotel in Ajdovščina to Lanthieri mansion
09:30 Franz-Josef Hambsch Highlights from 7 years on the ROAD (Remote Observatory Atacama Desert) 25
09:55 Tonny Vanmunster Pro-Am Photometric Projects with Robotic Observatories 25
10:20 Przemysław Mikołajczyk Status of the Bialkow observatory 20
10:40 Giuseppe Leto INAF OACT facility in Sicily 15
10:55 coffee break 40
11:40 Goran Damljanovic Serbian-Bulgarian activities in line with Gaia Alerts during 2018 15
11:55 Marius Maskoliunas Moletai Astronomical Observatory in context of Gaia alerts 10
12:05 Erika Pakštienė Moletai Astronomical Observatory in context of Gaia alerts 10
12:15 Lukasz Wyrzykowski & Andreja Gomboc Workshop summary 15
12:30 end of day 3
12:30 lunch
14:00 bus transfer from Lanthieri mansion to Postojna Cave
cca. 17:00-18:00 bus transfer from Postojna Cave to Ajdovščina