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Focus workshop on BHTOM will be held in Salerno, Italy, 15 April 2024, in Lloyd's Baia Hotel at Amalfi Coast

We invite all existing and prospective users of the BHTOM ORP time-domain utility for small telescopes, to join us in a comprehensive workshop designed to enhance your understanding and efficient utilization of the system.

The primary objectives of this workshop include:

  • Gaining fundamental knowledge about BHTOM
  • Exploring its latest features
  • Customizing it to your telescope
  • Understanding how to process your data
  • Learning how to create and trigger your targets
  • Discovering the extensive archival data
  • Setting up running scripts tailored to your case
  • Networking with other users
  • Engaging in discussions regarding future developments and innovative ideas

The structure of the workshop will comprise both informative lectures and practical hands-on sessions, conducted by the experienced builders and operators of BHTOM.

Workshop Organising Committee

Workshop Organising Committee:

  • Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw)
  • Przemyslaw Mikolajczyk (Warsaw/Wroclaw)
  • Pawel Zielinski (Torun)
  • Valerio Bozza (Salerno)
  • Paolo Rota (Salerno)

The workshop is supported by the EC H2020 ORP grant no 101004719.