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Workshop will be limited to 40 attendees. The allocation of the places will be subject to registration application.

It is a pleasure to announce that we obtained some support for the workshop from GREAT grant of ESF. Therefore there will be no registration fee, the lunches and coffee breaks will be provided free of charge. We are also able to provide some limited support for participants. Please fill the registration form and contact us if you require any support.

Registration closed on the 15th of August 2012.

Please contact if you would like to amend your registration.

List of participants:

  1. Massimo Turatto
  2. Minia Manteiga Outeiro
  3. Petr Kubanek
  4. Gianluca M Guidi
  5. Vladimir Lipunov
  6. Michel Dennefeld
  7. Gerry Gilmore
  8. Zsolt Paragi
  9. Timo Prusti
  10. Mario C. Diaz
  11. Paola Di Matteo
  12. Laurent Eyer
  13. Lovro Palaversa
  14. Ulrich Kolb
  15. William Thuillot
  16. Werner Zeilinger
  17. Antonio Pasqua
  18. Gisella Clementini
  19. Valentina Zitelli
  20. Isabella Pagano
  21. Giuseppe Leto
  22. Stefan Keller
  23. Yogesh Chandra Joshi
  24. Peter Jonker
  25. Berry Holl
  26. Andrew Drake
  27. Tim Staley
  28. George Seabroke
  29. Ashish Mahabal (via skype)
  30. Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  31. Simon Hodgkin
  32. Joseph Richards (via skype)
  33. Elena Pacino
  34. Simone Leonini
  35. Paolo Rosi
  36. Giuseppa Altavilla
  37. Stefano Benetti
  38. Andreja Gomboc