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The agenda of the workshop is now acting as an archive of the presentations. Each title is linked to a pdf version. Where available, the video or audio recording is linked after the title.

Abstract Book is available here.

title name time (with discussion)
Thursday, September 6th
09:30 Welcome LW+STH+GC+MT 5m
09:35 Gaia status rec Timo Prusti 25m
10:00 Gaia science alerts status and introduction to the verification phase rec Simon Hodgkin 25m
10:25 Gaia scanning law rec Berry Holl 15m
10:40 Gaia Spectro Science Alerts: first implementation plans rec George Seabroke 20m
11:00 Coffee 30m
11:30 Spectroscopic science alerts : possible triggers in the RVS domain rec Paola Di Matteo 20m
11:50 Gaia-FUN-SSO: a network for Solar System transient objects rec William Thuillot 20m
12:10 Open Transient Science and Future Prospects with CRTS rec Andrew Drake 20m
12:30 Lunch 2h
14:30 Global MASTER-Net rec Vladimir Lipunov 20m
14:50 4 Pi Sky of radio coverage: Transient discovery and response with next generation radio telescopes rec Tim Staley 20m
15:10 Multi-messenger and multi-wavelength follow-up of LOFAR discovered transients rec Peter Jonker 20m
15:30 Locating Transients with the e-EVN rec Zsolt Paragi 20m
15:50 Coffee 30m
16:20 The TOROS project rec Mario C. Diaz 20m
16:40 Gravitational Wave research and their connection with EM observations rec Gianluca M. Guidi 30m
17:10 Discussion rec
18:00 end of day 1
19:00 Dinner at Osteria la Matta - Via Zucchini 9/c
Friday, September 7th
09:30 Transient discovery and classification for PTF and variable star classification rec Joseph Richards 25m
09:55 Using field information to separate SNe and non-SNe rec Ashish Mahabal 30m
10:25 Classification of alerts within the Gaia pipeline (sorry, no recording) Lukasz Wyrzykowski 15m
10:40 Analysis of outlying observations from Gaia CU8 classification pipeline (sorry, no recording) Minia Manteiga Outeiro 20m
11:00 Coffee 30m
11:30 Responding to the Event Deluge with VOEventNet rec Roy Williams 25m
11:55 Cambridge Photometric Follow-up Calibration Server- report from tests and verification phase arrangements Report of Giuseppe Altavilla rec Lukasz Wyrzykowski/Giuseppe Altavilla 30m
12:25 The 1.8m telescope at Cima Ekar and SN classification programme at Asiago rec Massimo Turatto 20m
12:45 Lunch 1h 30m
14:10 NanoSat rec Elena Pancino 5m
14:15 RTS2: advances in last two years rec Petr Kubanek 20m
14:35 Observational facilities at INAF OA-Catania rec Giuseppe Leto 15m
14:50 The Observing Facilities of the Vienna Observatory rec Werner Zellinger 15m
15:05 The PIRATE facility rec Ulrich Kolb 15m
15:20 Synergy of GAIA mission with the Devasthal Optical Telescopes for follow-up observations rec Yogesh Chandra Joshi 15m
15:35 Coffee 30m
16:05 Discussion rec 1h
17:00 end of day 2
Additional related slides
Report on photometric follow-up calibrations Ashish Mahabal (Caltech)
GROND. Capabilities for transients follow-up Jochen Greiner (MPE)

Agenda is available here as a pdf.