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Registration is now closed. If you want to join our online streaming please email LW at

Please note that due to the uncertain global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, we reserve the right to cancel the event and move it entirely to the on-line.

List of registered participants:

  1. John Antoniadis, FORTH Institute of Astrophysics
  2. Iair Arcavi, Tel Aviv University
  3. Doug Arnold, Liverpool John Moores University
  4. Etienne Bachelet, Las Cumbres Observatory
  5. Andrea Bianco, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
  6. Sumedha Biswas, Radboud University
  7. Stephen Brincat, AAVSO
  8. Mateusz Bronikowski, University of Nova Gorica Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology
  9. David Buckley, SAAO
  10. Arnaud Cassan, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
  11. Vytautas Čepas, Vilnius university
  12. Vassilis Charmandaris, Univ. of Crete & FORTH
  13. Laurent Eyer, Geneva Observatory
  14. Eleonora Fiorellino, Konkoly Observatory, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences,
  15. Alessia Garofalo, INAF - Osservatorio di astrofisica e scienza dello spazio di Bologna
  16. Ilknur Gezer, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  17. Gerry Gilmore, Cambridge
  18. Andreja Gomboc, University of Nova Gorica
  19. Aleksandra Grokhovskaya, Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS
  20. Mariusz Gromadzki, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  21. Tolga Guver, Istanbul University
  22. Franz-Josef Hambsch, ROAD Observatory
  23. Kornel Howil, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  24. Nada Ihanec, Astronomical Observatory University of Warsaw
  25. Maja Jabłońska, Astronomical Observatory of University of Warsaw
  26. Helen Jermak, Astrophysics Research Institute, LJMU
  27. Zofia Kaczmarek, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
  28. Krzysztof Katarzyński, Institute of Astronomy NCU Poland
  29. Adam Kawash, Michigan State University
  30. Patrick Kelly, University of Minnesota
  31. Sebastian Kiehlmann, Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas
  32. Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska, Leiden Observatory
  33. Hariharan Krishnan, Arizona State University
  34. Katarzyna Kruszyńska, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  35. Maria Kun, Konkoly Observatory, Hungary
  36. Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska, Institute of Astronomy, NCU
  37. Sebastian Kurowski, ESO Chile / Jagiellonian University
  38. Marco Lam, Tel Aviv University
  39. David Law, Liverpool John Moores University
  40. Fraser Lewis, Faulkes Telescope Project
  41. Ioannis Liodakis, Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO
  42. Vladimir Lipunov, Moscow State University
  43. Ashish Mahabal, Caltech
  44. Gábor Marton, CSFK Konkoly Observatory
  45. Marius Maskoliunas, ilnius University, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
  46. Seppo Mattila, University of Turku
  47. Jaroslav Merc, Astronomical Institute of Charles University
  48. Przemysław Jan Mikołajczyk, Astronomical Institute, University of Wrocław; Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  49. Zsofia Nagy, Konkoly Observatory (Hungary)
  50. Marek Nikolajuk, Faculty of Physics, University of Bialystok
  51. Waldemar Ogloza, Pedagogical Uniwersity of Cracow
  52. Erika Pakštienė, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at Vilnius University
  53. Sunkyung Park, Konkoly Observatory
  54. Tanja Petrushevska, University of Nova Gorica
  55. Eniko Regos, Konkoly Institute of Astronomy
  56. Kovi Rose, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  57. Rupak Roy, IUCAA (In between two jobs)
  58. Krzysztof Rybicki, Astronomical University, University of Warsaw
  59. Elena Shablovinskaya, Special astrophysical observatory of RAS
  60. Patrik Sivak, Warsaw University Observatory
  61. Agnieszka Słowikowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
  62. Algita Stankevičiūtė, Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw
  63. Milan Stojanović, Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade
  64. Rachel Street, Las Cumbres Observatory
  65. Laszlo Szabados, Konkoly Observatory
  66. Lina Tomasella, INAF Padova
  67. Piotr Trzcionkowski, Astronomical Observatory University of Warsaw
  68. Rūta Urbonavičiūtė, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at Vilnius University
  69. siegfried Vanaverbeke, astrolab IRIS
  70. siegfried Vanaverbeke, astrolab IRIS observatory
  71. Harro Verkouter, Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC
  72. Klaas Wiersema, Lancaster University
  73. David Williams, University of Manchester/Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics
  74. Lukasz Wyrzykowski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, Poland
  75. Justas Zdanavičius, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University
  76. Pawel Zielinski, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw
  77. Staszek Zola, Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University, Poland