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* [[workshop2021:logistics|Logistical information]]
* [[workshop2021:logistics|Logistical information]]
* [[File:Poster2021.pdf|Poster for download]]
* [[Media:Poster2021.pdf|Poster for download]]

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The 12th Gaia Science Alerts workshop and the First ORP Time-Domain meeting will be held at the premises of the Institute of Astrophysics-FORTH at the island of Crete, Greece, and online 8-12 November 2021

The main goals of this year's workshop are:

  • update on the Gaia mission
  • update on the improvements in the Gaia Alerts
  • Gaia Alerts highlights and results
  • synergies with radio within the new OPTICON-RadioNET Pilot (ORP) grant
  • new members of the telescope network
  • new photometric calibration server
  • organization of the follow-up

Workshop Organising Committee

Workshop Organising Committee:

  • Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw)
  • Vassilis Charmandaris (FORTH)
  • Simon Hodgkin (Cambridge)
  • Rob Beswick (Manchester)
  • Kasia Kruszynska (Warsaw)
  • Gerry Gilmore (Cambridge)
  • Marius Maskoliunas (Vilnius)

The workshop is supported jointly by the EC H2020 ORP grant no 101004719, Polish NCN DAINA grant No. 2017/27/L/ST9/03221 and Lithuanian RC DAINA grant No. S-LL-19-2.