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Registration is now closed!

Please email Lukasz Wyrzykowski (lw a t if you would like to join the meeting at the very last minute!

Registered participants

  1. Meredith Morrell The Open University
  2. Fraser Lewis Faulkes Telescope Project/National Schools' Observatory
  3. Steve Boudreault Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
  4. Goran Damljanovic Astronomical Observatory
  5. Ashish Mahabal Caltech
  6. Suvi Gezari University of Maryland
  7. Charlotte Ward University of Maryland
  8. Przemysław Mikołajczyk Astronomical Institute, University of Wrocław
  9. Michel Dennefeld IAP/Sorbonne University
  10. Marius Maskoliunas Vilnius University, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
  11. Erika Pakštienė Vilnius University, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
  12. Mihael Petac SISSA
  13. Andreja Gomboc University of Nova Gorica
  14. Anna Marciniak Adam Mickiewicz University
  15. Tanja Petrushevska University of Nova Gorica
  16. Katja Bricman University of Nova Gorica
  17. Simon Hodgkin Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University
  18. Tonny Vanmunster Center for Backyard Astrophysics CBA
  19. Franz-Josef Hambsch ROAD observatory
  20. Pawel Zielinski Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
  21. Areg Mickaelian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)
  22. Gor Mikayelyan Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
  23. Algita Stankevičiūtė Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
  24. Michał Pawlak Charles University in Prague
  25. Katarzyna Kruszynska University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, Astronomical Observatory
  26. Krzysztof Rybicki Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
  27. Lukasz Wyrzykowski Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
  28. Giuseppe Leto INAF - Catania Astrophysical Observatory
  29. Ricardo Zanmar Sanchez INAF - OACT
  30. Mariusz Gromadzki Warsaw Astronomical Observatory
  31. Laurent Eyer University of Geneva
  32. Peter Abraham Konkoly, Hungary
  33. Gabor Marton Konkoly, Hungary