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Archive of talks, recording and the White Book

The White Book including a brief summary of the talks and the discussions held during the workshop is available here.

All talks are available as PDFs. Video and audio recording is available under rec link. Note, some of the videos are not available or a bit corrupt due to technical issues.

session title name time (with discussion)
10:00 Welcome STH/LW 10m
10:10 Gaia Gaia overview rec Floor van Leeuven 20m
10:30 Gaia Alerts overview (Prezi on Gaia Alerts) rec STH/LW 30m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 Gaia Archive Preparations rec Nicholas Walton 15m
11:45 Gaia Spectro Science Alerts rec Paola di Mateo 20m
12:05 Asteroids with Gaia rec Paolo Tanga 20m
12:35 lunch 95m
14:00 Special What shall we follow today? rec Ashish Mahabal 30m
14:30 Skyalert: Rapid Transients for you and your Robot rec Roy Williams 60m
15:30 tea 30m
16:00 Science Variable stars with Gaia rec Laurent Eyer 20m
16:20 (Gaia) Supernovae: overview and follow-up rec Massimo Turrato 30m
16:50 Prediction of Astrometric Microlensing Events for the Gaia Mission rec Svea Proft 20m
17:10 Microlensing (Evans, Wyrzykowski) rec Wyn Evans/Lukasz Wyrzykowski 20m
17:30 (moved to Thu)) The detectability of GRB optical counterparts with Gaia rec Jure Japelj/Andreja Gomboc 20m
17:50 (moved to Thu) Study of high-z Universe with Gaia, Spectroscopic Alerts & Czech Gaia CU7 support by RTs rec Rene Hudec 20m
18:10 end of day 1
19:00 DINNER at St.John's Chop House
09:00 Facilities Ground Based Observations for Gaia (GBOG)'s role in Gaia Science Alerts rec George Seabroke 20m
09:20 Potential follow-up of GAIA alerts from the SONG and MiNDSTEp networks of telescopes. rec Uffe Jorgensen 20m
09:40 Galactic transients; linking GAIA alerts with multi-wavelength surveys rec Danny Steeghs 20m
10:00 Java Robotic Telescope for Gaia Alert System rec Jan Soldan 20m
10:20 "Pi of the Sky" - wide field search for optical transients rec Marcin Sokolowski 20m
10:40 Gloria - a network of telescopes which can take on some of Gaia alerts rec Lech Mankiewicz 20m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 (not presented) The La Palma 0.5m Robotic Telescope Stuart Littlefair 20m
11:50 (not presented) Transients detected in the WASP survey Peter Wheatley 20m
12:10 The LCOGT network rec Yannis Tsapras 20m
12:35 lunch 85m
14:00 The Liverpool Telescope and Gaia rec Iain Steele 20m
14:20 STILT (Small Telescopes Installed at LT) instruments rec Neil Mawson 20m
14:40 Iranian National Observatory Project Habib Khosroshahi 20m
15:00 Catalina Realtime Transient Survey (CRTS) rec Ashish Mahabal 30m
15:30 tea 30m
16:00 Lucky Imaging Astrometric follow-up rec Craig Mackay 20m
16:20 Overview of European and French spectroscopic facilities rec Michel Dennefeld 20m
16:40 Italian facilities rec Gisella Clementini 20m
17:00 Overview of other facilities (Swiss, Israeli, Polish, Austrian) rec Lukasz Wyrzykowski 20m
17:20 Discussion rec all 40m
18:00 end of day 2
09:00 Facilities SAAO facilities and instruments rec Patricia Whitelock 20m
09:20 The ESO Public spectroscopic survey of the Transient Universe rec Stephen Smartt 30m
09:50 Gaia-FUN-SSO: a ground-based follow-up for Solar System Objects rec William Thuillot 30m
10:20 Engaging with the public rec Gerry Gilmore 20m
10:40 Discussion Getting organized rec all 20m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 Discussion Getting organized and Summary all 60m
12:30 lunch 90m
14:00 end of day 3