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=== GSAWG8: Gaia Alerts Processing and Infrastructure ===
=== GSAWG8: Gaia Alerts Processing and Infrastructure ===
#'''Simon Hodgkin'''
#'''Simon Hodgkin'''
#Dafydd Wynn Evans
#Dafydd Wyn Evans
#Francesca De Angeli
#Francesca De Angeli
#Giorga Busso
#Giorga Busso
#Marco Riello

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Tentative list of Working Groups with people interested to be part of them. Please email LW if you would like to be added to any of the groups. Soon the pages below will become the workplace for each of the WGs. Email LW if you want to obtain the credentials to edit the wiki pages.

The numbers indicate the order of joining the group. Volunteers for leading the group are marked in bold.

GSAWG1: Supernovae (Core collapse, 1a)

  1. Simon Clark
  2. Eran Ofek
  3. Stephen Smartt
  4. Mark Sullivan
  5. Sjoert van Velzen
  6. Patricia Whitelock
  7. Andrzej Pigulski
  8. Massimo Turatto
  9. Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  10. Morgan Fraser

GSAWG2: CVs and XRBs

  1. Simon Clark
  2. Peter Jonker
  3. Zbigniew Kolaczkowski
  4. Ulrich Kolb
  5. Richard Busuttil
  6. Boris Gaensicke
  7. Retha Pretorius
  8. Andrzej Pigulski
  9. Stuart P Littlefair
  10. Chris Copperwheat
  11. Peter Wheatley
  12. Stephen Potter
  13. Elme Breedt

GSAWG3: Microlensing

  1. Eran Ofek
  2. Rachel Street
  3. Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  4. Martin Dominik

GSAWG4: Young Stars

  1. Aleks Scholz
  2. Zbigniew Kolaczkowski
  3. Chris Davis
  4. Michael Smith
  5. Dirk Froebrich
  6. Philip Lucas
  7. Tigran Magakian
  8. Suzie Ramsay
  9. Steve Longmore
  10. Carlos Contreras
  11. Tim Naylor
  12. Darryl Sergison


  1. Paul O'Brien
  2. Norbert Schartel
  3. Peter Jonker
  4. Helene Sol
  5. Stefanie Komossa
  6. Stephen Smartt
  7. Mark Sullivan
  8. Sjoert van Velzen
  9. Stephen Potter
  10. Elme Breedt


  1. Paul O'Brien
  2. Stephen Smartt
  3. Mark Sullivan
  4. David Alexander Kann

GSAWG7: Be stars, R CrB stars, other rare events

  1. Simon Clark
  2. Patrick Tisserand
  3. Zbigniew Kolaczkowski
  4. Boris Gaensicke
  5. Patricia Whitelock
  6. Andrzej Pigulski
  7. Peter Wheatley
  8. Laurent Eyer

GSAWG8: Gaia Alerts Processing and Infrastructure

  1. Simon Hodgkin
  2. Dafydd Wyn Evans
  3. Francesca De Angeli
  4. Giorga Busso
  5. Marco Riello

GSAWG9: Spectroscopic Follow-Up

  1. Simon Hodgkin (PI INT spectroscopy programme)

GSAWG10: Photometric Follow-Up