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Supernova Types and Rates

Numbers based on Belokurov and Evans (1993: MNRAS, 341, 569-576)

Type Total to G=20
Ia 48000
Ib 7000
IIL 5600*f
IIP 28500*(1-f)

Supernovae type Ia

SDSS-II Supernova Survey (Stripe 82)

Stripe 82 spreads over 300 sq.deg between RA=-60 to RA=60 and Dec=-1.25 to Dec=+1.25. It was monitored by SDSS in 5 filters (ugriz) since 1998, but more intensively in 2005 and 2006. Numerous supernovae were found in 2005 season using difference imaging techniques, e.g. Sako et al. 2008.

HoltzmanStripe82SNIa.jpg From Holtzman et al. 2008.

Supernovae type II

Luminous Red Novae

The class of Luminous Red Novae was established in 2007 by Shrinivas Kulkarni classifying M85 OT2006-1 as LRN. It is disputed if it is a new class or subclass of SN-IIp.

  • they are fainter than SNe and brighter than novae.
  • they last over several weeks.
  • distinctively red in colour, getting redder while fading