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On these pages we summarise and coordinate our Photometric and Spectroscopic observing runs for the upcoming semesters. This page will be amended as more follow-up runs are scheduled.

2014B Observing Time Awarded

The total amounts of time awarded for each semester (so far) is given below. Note that these come from a variety of proposals and awards, submitted by a number of individuals. While these nights should be seen as in a sense pooled, the coordination of the different programmes will be the responsibility of the individual PI's.

Telescope 2014B 2015A
Asiago 30 n -
ESO NTT 5 n 0 n
INT 30 n 3.5 n
LT 170 h 70 h
Mercator 7 n 7 n
SAAO - -
WHT 15 n 3.5 n

Observing Rota

Note that the UK-led runs can be supported by PATT for a maximum of two observers. The NL-led nights will be coordinated by *** and ***. There is **no** PATT funding available for these funds unless no one from the NL community can participate, in which case funding for one observer may be available (**TBD**).

Dates Nights PI Program Telescope Instrument Observers
20-21 Jul 2 Jonker N4 INT IDS TWevers
19-23 Aug 5 Hodgkin NTT EFOSC2 Hodgkin
21-24 Aug 1+3 Wevers/Hodgkin N7/P14 INT IDS Campbell+NL
3-6 Sep 4 Hodgkin P14 INT IDS Hodgkin
12-16 Sep 5 Hodgkin P14 INT IDS
15-18 Sep 4 Campbell ITP2 Mercator Maia
29-30 Sep 1.5 Fraser P29 WHT ACAM Fraser
13-15 Oct 2 Velzen N15 WHT ACAM+ISIS
27-28 Oct 1+1 Velzen/Fraser N15/P29 WHT ISIS
15-18 Nov 4 Wevers N7 INT IDS
27-29 Nov 3 Fraser P29 WHT ACAM
2-5 Dec 4 Hodgkin P14 INT IDS
11-14 Dec 2+2 Hodgkin/Wevers P14/N7 INT IDS
20-22 Dec 2.5 Fraser P29 WHT ISIS
30 Dec-3 Jan 5 Wevers N7 INT ISIS
3-4 Jan 2 Campbell ITP2 WHT ISIS+ACAM
5-7 Jan 3 Campbell ITP2 INT IDS
11-13 Jan 1/2+1+1/2 Velzen/Fraser N15/P29 WHT ISIS + ACAM
15-19 Jan 5 Campbell ITP2 Mercator Maia
2-5 Mar 4 Campbell ITP2 Marcator Maia

Observing Manual

The Gaia Follow-up observers Manual will be available HERE

Gaia Marshal

The Gaia Follow-up Marshal will be available HERE